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The Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office operates under the Texas Local Government Code Chapter 352, Subchapter B “County Fire Marshal”, and is committed to enforcing the law and to the prevention and investigation of fire and explosive incidents. The Tarrant County Fire Marshal is appointed by the Commissioners Court. The Fire Marshal and staff have the responsibility to protect and serve the residents of the unincorporated areas of Tarrant County, working with state, county, federal and local fire and law enforcement agencies.

Three certified investigators conduct fire, arson and explosive investigations. Investigations consist of origin and cause examination, witness interview and evidence collection. The investigators have the capability to file criminal arson cases with Tarrant County’s Criminal District Attorney Office and issue warrants. In large scene investigations, the Tarrant County Arson Task Force or the ATF Task Force can assist. Both groups can provide the needed manpower and tools on fire scene investigations.