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Tarrant County ESD #1


Tarrant County, On Behalf of the Tarrant County Emergency Services District No.1, adopted a Tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year's tax rate.

The Tarrant County Emergency Services District No. 1 (TCESD No. 1) which was previously known as Tarrant County Rural Fire Prevention District was formed in 1996. The TCESD No. 1 is responsible for providing fire and EMS ambulance services to the approximately 50,000 residents of the unincorporated areas of the county, which consists of approximately 183 square miles.

TCESD No. 1 contracts with 17 fire departments for fire, mutual aid, and first responder coverage with 12 of those departments providing EMS ambulance response as well.  Seven additional fire departments have mutual aid agreements to assist on fire responses in the unincorporated areas of the County.

The Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office serves as the liaison between the TCESD No. 1 and the 25 fire departments that contract for fire and EMS coverage in the unincorporated areas of Tarrant County. The Fire Marshal also ensures that current information is listed in the Tarrant County 9-1-1 District system for proper notification to first responders.

Each year, on average, 1,100 fire runs and 2,600 EMS runs are dispatched throughout the TCESD No.1 service area.

Each September, the Board of Commissioners approves the TCESD No. 1 tax rate and budget, with the current year tax rate being $0.073330 per $100 property valuation (view the notice about 2023 tax rate).

Annual audits are conducted by an outside, independent audit firm. Click here to view the most recent audit results.

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The Tarrant County Emergency Services District No 1 has a five member Board of Commissioners that oversees the operation and business of the District. For fiscal year 2022-2023 the board members are:



Rick Holman

Vice President

Greg Helfenbein


Stephen Murrin III

Assistant Treasurer

Donnie Davis

Board Member