Guiding Principles

ITD's Guiding Principles are the cadence and heartbeat of our department.  Focusing on the first four guiding principles leads to providing outstanding customer service.  Our goal is to recruit and retain ITD staff that represents our guiding principles and vision to be the best IT organization in state and local government.

Acoustics. Quality, stewardship, teamwork, integirty and customer service


"We believe the fundamental vitality and strength of our department lies in our people."


A-QSTICS (Acoustics) is derived from the Greek word meaning “of or for hearing, ready to hear”, ensuring the quality and reliability of sound.  Hearing our customer’s needs, turning what we hear into speech that communicates understanding and delivery of solutions is paramount.


1. QUALITY - We will...

  • Seek the industry's best practices
  • Strive for greater efficiency
  • Satisfy business needs while minimizing delays
  • Find a way to accomplish the goal

2. STEWARDSHIP - We will...

  • Do what is in the best interest of Tarrant County
  • Choose service over self-interest
  • Remember our purpose
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility
  • Be good stewards of the public’s trust

3. TEAMWORK - We will...

  • Collaborate with customers and colleagues
  • Embrace the philosophy to succeed
  • Support each other and the team
  • Share information across the department

4. INTEGRITY - We will...

  • Do the right thing
  • Be committed to work and act ethically
  • Strive to earn customer trust
  • Honor our commitments

5. CUSTOMER SERVICE - We will...

  • Listen to our customers
  • Be dependable and worthy of their confidence
  • Deliver creative, innovative and professional service
  • Provide timely and consistent communications