Texas Department of Public Safety, Game Wardens with Texas Parks and Wild Life, and the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department file tickets/citations with the Justice Court. You may call the office 817-370-4525 for payment amount and options.  

The defendant has a right of a trial by jury and to be represented by an attorney, if they desire. If the defendant desires to plead NOT GUILTY and have a trial please advise the Court in writing and specify "trial by Judge" or "trial by jury." You may enter a plea in person or by submitting a plea form by mail or email.

If the defendant wants to plead GUILTY or NOLO CONTENDERE and not appear in Court, they may do so by sending the fine assessed by mail or paying with credit card online at You may also contact the court for alternative options in taking care of your citation.

If the defendant submits payment, but fails to enter a plea, then a plea of NOLO CONTENDERE will automatically be entered for you. The court will not accept payment from a third party without a plea of the defendant.

A warrant may issue if appearance is not made by the due date on the citation and if the defendant fails to respond to notice given by the court.

Please note:

  • If previously entered a plea of NOT GUILTY and would like to pay the fine instead, you will need to contact the Court on instructions in changing your plea.
  • If the defendant is a juvenile you will need to contact the Court to schedule an appointment to meet with the Judge.
  • If the defendant would like to request Driver's Safety class for the ticket then you will need to contact the Court BEFORE completing a course online. 
  • If the defendant would like to request Deferred Disposition, please contact the Court for information on fees.
  • If the defendant would like to request Deferred Disposition or Driver's Safety class, please contact the court PRIOR to paying any fees online.


If mailing payment, please send a cashier's check or money order payable to: Justice Court, Precinct 6. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted by mail.