Justice courts have jurisdiction in Class C misdemeanor cases that are filed by Texas Department of Public Safety, Tarrant County Sheriff, Texas Parks & Wildlife and other state and county agencies.

The issuing agency will provide an appearance date on your citation. The law requires you or your attorney to make an appearance on or before this date. There are options that may waive this date if you contact the court prior to your due date. If you have received a citation, below are options that you have.

         Plea Not Guilty with Trial by Judge or Trial by Jury

o   A plea of Not Guilty means you contest the citation and request a trial either by Judge or Jury

o   You will be scheduled on the Pre-trial docket so that you may meet with the Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney to discuss pre-trial discovery and any plea options that may be available to you

  •   You may contact a traffic attorney if you have questions or concerns regarding a plea of Not Guilty

       Driver's Safety Course

  • Any moving violation
  • CDL holders are not eligible
  • Must not have taken a DSC in the last 12 months
  • Requires a plea of “No Contest” or “Guilty”
  • Must have valid Texas Auto Liability Insurance
  • Valid Texas Driver’s license
  • Payment in the amount of $10.00 Administrative fee and $134.00 costs totaling $144.00
  • Partial payments are not accepted

        Deferred Disposition

  • Must be 25 years or older
  • May be allowed for persons younger than 25 (please see clerk to schedule meeting with Asisstant District Attorney)
  • Requires a plea of "No Contest" or "Guilty"
  • Must not have been on Deferred Disposition in the last 12 months
  • Payment in the amount assessed by the court (please call court for amount)
  • May require an in-person appearance to plea for certain offenses
  • Typically 90-180 days (3-6 months)
  • Partial payments are not accepted

        Payment in full

  • The court will accept all forms of payment Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm to allow time for processing
  • If you wish to mail payment, please mail a plea form and your money order or cashier's check
  • You may also pay online at
  • Please call court prior to making payment online if you want to keep citation off your driving record

         Alternative options to Payment of fine and costs

  • You may request a payment plan if you are unable to pay the fine in full.
  • Payment plan will be conviction 
  • Community service-subject to judge's approval
  • Waiver of fine and costs-a defendant who is indigent or lacks sufficient resources to pay may be granted a waiver of partial or whole fine and costs    

         Proof of correction of violation for dismissal

  • For certain offenses, you may show proof of correction for dismissal with either a $10 or $20 dismissal fee
  • Please see list of eligible offenses for dismissal