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323rd District Court

About the 323rd Family District Court

The 323rd Family District Court hears Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency cases.

Juvenile court hearings take place inside the courtroom and are formal proceedings. It is helpful to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled hearing time to be available to confer with your child’s attorney. Youth and adults appearing in Court should be dressed appropriately. Attire such as shorts and tank tops are not permitted.



Tarrant County Juvenile Court    

323rd District Court

Scott D. Moore Juvenile Justice Center

2701 Kimbo Road
Fort Worth, TX  76111


District Judge

Alex Kim

Bailiff: Ed Wiseman


Associate Judge

Riley Shaw

Bailiff: Bernie Powell


Associate Judge

Sherri Wagner

Bailiff:  Angela Layfield


Court Reporter

Courtney McDaniel


Court Coordinator

Stephanie Zanfino


817-838-4600 x0677

Assistant Court Coordinator

Karli Young

817-838-4600 x0714

Mary Kelleher

817-838-4600 x0650

Inclement weather policy:  The court will follow the FWISD inclement weather closure policy.  For any settings that are scheduled during times when the FWISD is closed due to weather, the Court will grant the parties and attorneys an excuse for not appearing and an automatic continuance if permissible.  Attorneys must call the court promptly to discuss any necessary arrangements.

This policy will replace any previous policy for this court.  (1/19/2019)

Juvenile court proceedings are separated into two parts: the adjudication hearing and the disposition hearing.