Diseases in Tarrant County

Disease Control, Prevention

Part of Tarrant County Public Health's responsibility is to monitor, track, control and prevent the spread of disease in our community.

Though many diseases are seasonal, the incidence of these diseases vary by year. Occasionally, there are non-endemic (not native) diseases in Tarrant County that are brought into the county in a number of ways.

Tarrant County Public Health maintains regular surveillance of --and remains alert to-- all disease threats.


Proper handwashing is a quick and simple "do-it-yourself" vaccine that helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Check out our Handwashing page for more information.

Some of these diseases are spread by mosquitoes that are native to North Texas. Visit our Be Mosquito Free web page to learn more.

Tarrant County Public Health's control and prevention efforts regarding sexually transmitted diseases, as well as HIV and AIDS, can be found in the Preventive Health Services section of this website.

Information regarding asthma, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic conditions is found in this website's Family Health Services section, listed as Chronic Disease Prevention.