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To be eligible to participate in CYD program, youth must exhibit at least two of the following priority characteristics:

  1. Behavioral concern
  2. Current or former military connection
  3. Current or past alcohol abuse – Caregiver
  4. Current or past alcohol abuse – Index Youth
  5. Current or past child maltreatment or child welfare involvement
  6. Current or past conflict at school
  7. Current or past criminal justice involvement – Index Youth
  8. Current or past domestic or interpersonal violence
  9. Current of past use or abuse of other substance – Index Youth
  10. Developmental delay or disability – Caregiver
  11. Developmental delay or disability – Index Youth
  12. Family dynamics or structure concern
  13. Family or household conflict
  14. High stress level
  15. Homeless or runaway
  16. Household has a child with developmental delays or disabilities
  17. Household has a history of alcohol abuse or a need for alcohol abuse treatment
  18. Household has a history of substance abuse or needs substance abuse treatment
  19. Low school attainment – Caregiver
  20. Low-income household
  21. Mental health concern – Caregiver
  22. Mental health concern – Index Youth
  23. Parenting skills concern
  24. School engagement concern
  25. Social support concern
  26. Household contains an enrollee who is pregnant and under 21