Title Fees and Taxes

  • Title fees in Texas are based on the county you live in and can be $28 or $33, depending on whether or not you reside in an emissions compliant county.  Title applicants in Tarrant County and surrounding counties pay the $33 title fee.  When transferring a title in Texas, the title fee is due along with the $2.50 registration transfer fee or the full registration fee if the vehicle is not currently registered.


  • Emissions fees may be added for diesel trucks over 14,000 pounds gross weight.  Model years 1996 and earlier is 2.5% of the total consideration paid for the vehicle, while the rate for model years 1997 and later is 1%.


  • Duplicate titles are $2 if the application is mailed in or $5.45 to pick up at a TxDMV Regional Service Center.  A Form VTR-34 is required, along with an acceptable form of ID for the owner.  A lien release may be required.  Duplicate title applications are not processed through the county tax office.  The application must be mailed in or brought in to a Regional Service Center.  For more information, including ID requirements, visit the TxDMV website.


  • When transferring a title, 6.25 percent motor vehicle sales tax is due on the greater of the purchase price or Standard Presumptive Value.


  • If the vehicle is a qualified gift, a Texas State Comptroller Form 14-317 is required to be signed by the Donor(s) and Recipient(s).  The Gift Tax is $10, and is paid in lieu of the motor vehicle sales tax.  If a vehicle is a gift but does not qualify as a gift for tax purposes, tax will be paid on the Standard Presumptive Value of the vehicle.


  • An appraisal Form 14-128 may be accepted in any private party sale to establish the amount of motor vehicle sales tax due.  The sales price and Standard Presumptive Value are not considered when an appraisal is presented.  The appraisal must be completed within 20 days of the sale, or the date the vehicle is brought into Texas, and provided at the time of transfer.


  • Penalties may apply when the title transfer is completed 30 days after the date of sale or the date the vehicle is brought into Texas.