Utility Permits

All utilities placed within the public right-of-way are required to have a Utility Permit. Examples of utilities include water lines, sewer lines, electrical lines and gas lines. The permit is free. However, the following information is needed when submitting the permit.

  1. Complete Utility Permit form.
  2. A location map showing adjacent roadways, buildings, streams, land owners, etc., as necessary.
  3. A profile showing the depth of the utility in relation to the above mentioned section of roadway. The profile must include the entire width of right-of-way.
  4. If necessary, a traffic control plan may be necessary which will include signs, spacing of signs, flagmen locations, etc.
  5. Send all documentation to Jeremy Duskin jfduskin@tarrantcounty.com.

As indicated on the front page of the permit, you must contact Tarrant County at least 24 hours prior to any work within Tarrant County right-of-way. The contact person is Shane Rhodes.

Utility Permits are valid for 30 days. Utility Permits may be renewed. However, any change from the original permit (including alignment, profile, and Traffic Control Plan) will require a new permit.

Utility Policy and Regulations  

Utility Permits

Accessibility Notice: Due to the complexity of the preceding scanned document, please contact the Transportation Services Department, Right-of-Way Agent Jeremy Duskin at 817-884-1176 for more information regarding this permit.