Housing Emergencies

Community Development & Housing Department (CDHD) understands the impacts of the sudden loss or reduction of income on homeowners and renters during personal emergncies. During natural disasters, we live next door to you and see the dangers impacting the security of your homes. We are here to provide you with up to date information and where potential resources exist. Not all may be listed on this site. Please check with 211Texas.org, United Way of Tarrant County, your city, local community and churches to see if other resources are available.

The Texas Comptrollers office has an Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday annually. The next holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, April 27, 2024 and ends at midnight on Monday, April 29, 2024. For a complete list of what qualifies and how much, visit the State Comprollers Office website here.


If you are a renter and need RENTAL ASSISTANCE, please carefully review the options for assistance below and apply according to where you live and your situation. Rental assistance is not guaranteed as eligibility is dependent on your situation and income level, but we strongly encourage you to apply.





I have low income, live in the City of Fort Worth and need rental assistance. Apply to the City of Fort Worth by calling 817-392-5795 or apply online City of Fort Worth by clicking here.
I have low income, live in the City of Arlington and need rental assistance.

Apply to the Arlington Housing Authority by calling 817-276-6713 or apply online Arlington Housing Authority  by clicking here.

If you are facing eviction, please call Arlington Urban Ministries at 817-861-8585

I have low income, live in the City of Grand Prairie and need rental and utility assistance.

Call Grand Prairie United Charities at 972-262-2014 for more information

I have low income, live in Tarrant County, but NOT in Fort Worth, Grand Prairie or Arlington. 

I need short term rental assistance because of an emergency.  

Apply To Tarrant County by calling 817-850-7940, option 2 or by clicking on this link to fill out the Tarrant County application.

If you received a letter to vacate or an eviction notice due to complications with any variant of COVID-19, please call our office 817-850-7940, option 2

I live in Tarrant County and need Utility Assistance (electric, gas and propane). Apply with Community Action Partners by calling 817-392-5795 or apply on-line Community Action Partners by clicking here.
Or apply online with the State at Texas Utility Help
I live in Tarrant County and need rental assistance. Call Tarrant County Human Services at 817-531-5620 or visit Tarrant County Human Services by clicking here.