Other Benefits


The Commissioners Court designates 13 days each year to be observed as holidays.   The following days are subject to change each year:

 New Year's Day   
 Memorial Day  Day after Thanksgiving
 Martin Luther King Day  Juneteenth  Christmas Day
 President's Day    Independence Day  Christmas Day After
 Cesar Chavez Day  Labor Day  
 Good Friday  Thanksgiving Day  


Vacation hours are available to full time employees on an accrual basis. Hours accrue at the following rates: 

Total County Service Annual Accruals
0 through 5 years   10 days
more than 5; no more than 10 years 15 days
more than 10; no more than 15 years 20 days
over 15 years 25 days


*Sick/Personal Leave


Full-time employees earn 12 days of sick/personal time a year.  This time is accrued at the rate of eight hours each month and may be used (subject to approval by the Appointing Authority) for sickness or personal business.

*Accrual limits apply to both sick and vacation leave. Refer to Civil Service Rules for furhter information*


Tuition Reimbursement


This benefit provides reimbursement for direct tuition expenses for up to two courses or a maximum of eight hours per semester. Undergraduates must pass with a 'C' or better and graduate students must receive a 'B' or better.


Tarrant County's Credit Union


The Tarrant County's Credit Union offers  banking  services  including  checking,  savings,  money market accounts, CDs and a variety of loans.


E-Pass Program


Tarrant County participates in the EasyRide Employer Pass Program through the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (THE T).  This program allows Tarrant County employees to purchase either Local, TRE 1-Zone or Regional passes on an annual or monthly basis at a discounted rate.


Tarrant County Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite


Accessibility Notice: The Tarrant County Resolution document was created from scanned images.  Due to the complexity of the source of this document, if you require assistance in accessing the information, please call the Wellness Coordinator at 817-212-7036.