Retirement Benefits

Retirement Plan (Mandatory) – Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS)

Benefits-eligible employees participate in the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS), contributing a mandatory 7 percent retirement contribution each pay period.  Tarrant County funds the retirement program on a monthly basis at a rate that is annually determined by TCDRS to provide Tarrant County employees with a “2 to 1” matching upon retirement.  

Employees are considered “vested” when the employee earns enough service time to be eligible for retirement once the employee reaches the age requirement to retire.  Employees are vested after eight years of service.  Eligibility for retirement occurs when: 1) Years of service and age equals 75,  2)  Employee is 60 years old with eight years of service, or  3)  Employee has 30 years of service (at any age).

For more information, visit the Texas County and District Retirement System website at

Retirement Savings Program (Voluntary) - Deferred Compensation

Tarrant County offers an optional tax-deferred retirement savings program called Deferred Compensation (457(b) plan).  Although there are no employer contributions associated with the program, employees can defer up to the maximum annual salary deferral limits set by the IRS.