If the situation is an emergency, motorists should call 9-1-1

Non-Emergency 817-884-1213

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Courtesy Patrol is a federal Clean Air grant-funded operation through the Texas Department of Transportation and the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The Courtesy Patrol teams roam the major highways in Tarrant County searching for stranded motorists, abandoned vehicles or debris on the roadway.  Getting stranded drivers moving again by providing minor vehicle assistance (changing a flat tire, limited fuel dispensing, or a jump start), or removing obstructions in the road, helps clear the roadway and reduces congestion – and thus reduces pollution. The Courtesy Patrol also provides assistance to law enforcement agencies throughout the county at accident investigation sites on the highways to help direct traffic and keep it moving. Courtesy Patrol personnel are not deputies, and have no law enforcement authority, but they do a great job at helping out folks in need, and keeping traffic rolling.

Examples of when a motorist may call:

  • stranded with car problems
  • hazardous road conditions
  • debris in the roadway
  • suspicious activity at a rest area
  • obviously intoxicated or dangerous drivers

To better assist personnel who answer the non-emergency number, motorists should have the following information readily available when calling:

  • Name
  • Cell phone number
  • Vehicle description when applicable
  • Highway location (mile marker is helpful)
  • County location or city location if inside the city limits