Charles P. Barnett Collection

Summary:  Three Abstracts of Title; two are complete histories, one is a portion of an abstract.
  1. Eagle Lake Beach and Eagle Lake View, a subdivision of a portion of the George McCloud Survey, Tarrant County. This survey was assigned to George McCloud, July 28, 1850, Bounty Warrant 901 for 320 acres from the State of Texas. This tract of land eventually became part of site for Dido School (per 1895 Sam Street map) and part of Col. J. J. Jarvis Ranch. The portion involved here was part of the large Volney Hall Ranch (also listed on 1895 Sam Street map). This was platted for a development bordering the eastern shore of Eagle Mountain Lake in 1930, but is not believed to have been carried out due to the Great Depression. It ends in 1931.
  2. South Hemphill Heights Addition, Block Four, lot 11, in Lydia Jane Warwick Survey, 640 acres, conveyed 27 April 1852 by the State of Texas to L. J. Warwick, transferred in 1854 to Charles Bailey, but not filed until February 24, 1878, in Tarrant County. It became part of the Capps Addition. Lot becomes 2741 Hemphill Street. Abstract ends in 1948.
  3. W. P. Patillo Addition, Block nine, lot 36. Emory College Subdivision, portion of abstract from Franklin Richards Survey. Portion concerns ownership of 1715 May Street, from April 1929 to March 1945.