Joseph Bentley (Burke Family) Collection


W.E. Burke, circa 1860-1870 

Pictured: W. E. Burke, circa 1860-1870

Summary: Donor gave copies of records on the Burke Family. Mary Overton Burke, the widow of Evan H. Burke, settled in Tarrant County around the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, and became the first known burial at Burke Cemetery in 1867.

  • Newspaper articles and "Burke Cemetery" essay by Alta Lee Futch, June 1983
  • Copies and transcriptions of letters written in 1864
    • J. W. Murrill to his mother and sister, January 17, 1864
    • From unknown, at Camp Near Cheneyville, Louisiana, to Mary, dated June 30, 1864
  • Genealogical records for donor's great-great uncle Aaron R. Burke
  • Copies of pages from Fort Worth 1896-1897 City Directory showing Burkes and Hugh Dugan
  • Photocopy of W. E. Burke tin type, circa 1860-1870 (image shown)