Margaret Smith Berry Collection

Summary: This is the family collection of Margaret Smith Berry. Many items pertain to descendants of John Peter Smith, often referenced as "the Father of Fort Worth."

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Dr. Robert H. Smith

Pictured: Dr. Robert H. Smith (d.1929). Dr. Smith was the nephew of John Peter Smith and also a physician in Tarrant County.

Stella Winstead Smith, wife of Robert

Pictured: Stella Winstead Smith, wife of Robert. Stella Smith was a member of the Fort Worth Literary Club.

Documents and Artifacts

  1. Dr. Robert H. Smith registration certificate, January 4, 1894, as a physician in Tarrant County, signed by District Clerk: R H. McNatt.
  2. Interim Stock Certificate for Texas Star Oil and Refining Company, 100 shares to  Mary Stiar Smith, 100 W. Exchange, Fort Worth (sister to Dr. Robert H. Smith) April 10, 1918.
  3. Prospectus for Texas Star Oil and refining Company for Brownwood Field, c. 1918.
  4. History of the Lodle Family by Jo He Lodle, Laura Lodle Lewis, and Marcia Gregory Richardson. (booklet, paperbound, typed).
  5. Correspondence: Doris Barber Miller to Duane Gage, August 30, 1982. 12 pages, lists papers of Margaret Smith Berry sent to Tarrant County Historical Commission.
  6. Correspondence: from Doris Barber Miller to Ruby Schmidt (Tarrant County Historical Commission) with information about Smith family. September 19, 1982, nine pages.
  7. Correspondence from John Lodle to Doris B. Miller, July 20, 1982, two pages.
  8. "Styles Changed Since '26, and the Lady Grows More Lovely", September 17, 1981. The Mathis News, by Bobbie Hammock.
  9. Correspondence: from Dr. Hugh G. Smith to his son, Dr. Robert H. Smith,  April 25, 1893, from Owenton, Kentucky, to Briar, Texas. Letter contains his prescription of Cannabis Indecio for alleviating pain.
  10. Commencement Program for Burnetta College, Venus, Texas. May 30-June 2, 1898. Faculty member Minnie Winstead was sister to Mrs. Robert H. Smith.
  11. 1916 Literary Club, Fort Worth, 1919-1920 yearbook (mainly North Fort Worth ladies). (Mrs. Robert H. Smith a member who sat on the book committee and led program on history of Mexico.
  12. Resolution of Respect in memory of Robert H. Smith (d. June 5, 1929) from North Fort Worth Lodge 103 of the International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF).  In Memoriam badges:  Camp Physician for Azle Camp no. 596 Woodmen of the World; Reno Lodge 447 for the IOOF.
  13. Miniature portrait on badge, believed to be Dr. Hugh G. Smith, father of Robert H. Smith. Hugh G. Smith, brother to John Peter Smith, graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, March 8, 1856, practiced medicine from 1856 to 1897 in Owen County, KY.
  14. Wedding announcement for Oscar Tarlton (from Electra) and Mary Lucille Smith. (date unknown, believed to be 1920's) She is daughter of Robert H. Smith. Article mentions she served as a deputy in the County Clerk's office.
  15. Five documents concerning property in Palo Pinto County (1905-1906): release of Vendor's Lien from D. L. Gallagher to Frank Deal, warranty deed from Frank Deal to J W Christian, Warranty Deed from J W Christian to W G Chapman, Warranty Deed with Vendor's Lien from W G Chapman (and wife) to J T Williams, Release of Vendor's Lien from W G Chapman and wife to J T Williams. Envelope with documents addressed to Dr. W H Smith (Azle, Texas) from George Metcalf, County Clerk, Palo Pinto.
  16. Correspondence from Dr. Robert H. Smith to his daughter, Mary. November 25, 1918. He was living in North Fort Worth; she was in Tishomingo, OK. Letter mentions daughter Margaret, son Hugh, and an Aunt Mary. Also, Cora and Boy.
  17. Louisville Medical College, Student Pass, for R. H. Smith, 1890-1891. Copy of pass (original sent to Medical School archives).
  18. Louisville Medical College 23rd Annual Commencement Invitation, March 1892.  For Robert H. Smith, listed as secretary of his class. (Original sent to Louisville Medical College Archives.).
  19. Sixteen stock certificates: Acme Oil Co., Fort Worth;  Burk-Extension Oil Co., Wichita Falls; Burk-Tillman Oil Co., Fort Worth; Comanche Chief Oil Association Fort Worth; Comanche Chief Oil Association no. 2, Fort Worth;  Duke- Leon Oil Co., Fort Worth; Grapevine Producing Co. Grapevine;   Hazel Oil Co. Houston; Kendall-Day-Quarles Syndicate, Fort Worth;   New South Oil Association, Cisco;  North Fort Worth Oil Co. Fort Worth; Pioneer's Oil and Gas Co. Fort Worth;  Tarrant County Oil and Gas Association, Fort Worth; Texas Motor Car Association, Fort Worth; The Uncle Sam Oil Company, Tulsa, OK; Waurika Oil Association no. 2.
  20. Two State Medical Association of Texas cards (1921 and 1925) for Robert H. Smith; One American Medical Association card (1924) for Robert H. Smith.
  21. Eastham Pharmacy pill box (cardboard) for Dr. R. H. Smith.
  22. Ivory tongue depressor, with RHS carved into one side.
  23. Box of hypodermic needles (green box).
  24. Stainless steel case with four needles (box made in Germany).
  25. Box (brown) with syringe (Becton-Dickenson Co.).
  26. Box of hypodermic needles (green box).
  27. Case with knife and two replacement blades. (Bard-Parker Knife).
  • Texas Star Oil and Refining Co. No. 1 Ranger Well, sepia tone, with other papers related, addressed to Mary Stiar Smith, April 10, 1918. (see no. 2 above).
  • Margaret Elizabeth Smith Berry, portrait, Woltz-Allen Studios, in folder, toned black and white. No date. Information enclosed states: Born May 24, 1899 in Fort Worth, Texas. Graduated North Fort Worth High School, about 1917.
  • Dr. Robert H. Smith, 1858(?)-1929.
  • Stella Winstead Smith (Mrs. Robert H. Smith) (c.1861-c.1940)