Mildred Brown Collection

Tarranct County Courthouse taken from small bridge on Trinity River north west of bluff.

Summary: Brown's collection focuses on the North Texas Traction Company in the 1920's and her family in the late 19th and early 20th century. Her family collection includes a rare image of the Tarrant County Courthouse shortly after its completion in 1895.


  • Tarrant County Courthouse taken from small bridge on Trinity River north west of bluff. Date unknown, possibly late 1890's. Photographer unknown; from family scrapbook (image shown)
  • Monroe Shops of Southern Traction Co. in Dallas, with Howard Brown 1915
  • North Texas Traction Co. paint shops. One believed in 1928 showing Amor Brown, Howard Brown and Lawrence Brown with other members of paint shop team. Other photo, believed from late 1930's, showing Lawrence Brown and Howard Brown with others in paint department
  • Ethel Mae Corse and Mike Haggerty
  • Monroe shops at Southern Texas Traction Co. Dallas, 1915
  • Walter Seabourn at Barnhill Place; date and location unknown


  • Various newspaper articles about Fort Worth Traction Company paint shop, early 1940's
  • Obituaries for Amor G. Brown and Howard Brown
  • Article about shooting of Mike Haggerty in Fort Worth Gazette, June 23, 1887
  • Obituaries of Nevada Weddle Fulkerson, Nancy Weddle Knight and Minnie Weddle Seabourn, from Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7 June 1994
  • Article on Jane West Dunkelberg
  • Program, November 4, 1921, of dinner honoring George Clifford
    Program, June 13, 1925, of breakfast hosted by employees honoring George Clifford
  • Our Paper, employee newsletter of North Texas Traction Company August 1928
  • Photogravures three of North Texas Traction Company cars from A Texas Idea and How it was Put Across, 1925, Stone and Webster, for the Coffin Award made to the North Texas Traction Company of Fort Worth, October 1924
  • Newspaper advertisement for Fort Worth Transit Company during World War II
  • Newspaper article on signs for Transit Company
  • All Church Press Copy of a promotional brochure, 1923

Correspondence and Family items:

  • Correspondence from Southern Traction Company and Northern Texas Traction Company concerning employment of Howard Brown, 1915-1919
  • World War I Military records for Howard Brown
  • Genealogy chart
  • Membership Card YWCA - Hazel Corse, 1919, and A. W. Corse, 1923
  • Notes on property sold by Mrs. C. H. Corse for Fort Worth Woolen Mills with Forest Hills area as shown on 1893 Sam Street's map