Wayne Butler Collection

Summary: Butler donated material regarding Trinity Baptist Church dating from 1935 through 2002, as well as items regarding Camp Tyra on Lake Worth and a typed narrative covering the River Oaks community.

  • Church newspaper: The Call to Worship Trinity Baptist Church, Volume I, no. 48. Friday, August 28, 1942 (20 pages).
  • Newspaper clipping: "Rebuilding of Burned Church Topic Tonight" Fort Worth Star-Telegram November 25, 1940; also page stating date of fire: November 24, 1940.
  • Paper: Two Page History of Trinity Baptist Church (date unknown).
  • Church bulletin: Trinity Today! November 17, 2002 covering church celebrating 90th year.
  • Paper: "Development of This Community" by Mrs. H. F. "Lola" Walker. 12 page typed narrative written in late 1930's. Personal reminiscences of neighbors, roads, description of the community.
  • Cover of "Girls' National Honor Guard, Inc. of Oregon: Constitution and By-Laws".
  • Paper: "Lake Worth and the Girls' National Honor Guard, Inc." two-page essay by Wayne Butler, March 14, 2006.
  • Photographs: Snap Shots at Camp Tyra, "Girls' National Honor Guard at Lake Worth" by Julian Capers, Jr. Dallas Morning News, August 27, 1916.
  • Photograph: View from C. H. Rogers map of Fort Worth, 1920, showing portion of Lake Worth believed to be site of Camp Tyra.
  • Photograph: Sunday School and Congregation, June 30, 1935.
  • Photograph: Hubert Butler with two sons in front of church being re-built 1941.
  • Photograph: Vacation Bible School, c. 1948.