Mary Lou Herring Collection

Saint Andrews Bell Tower Fort Worth Texas

Summary: Five machine copies of The Texas Churchman. The banner of the newsletter states it was published monthly by St. Andrew's Church, Fort Worth, Texas. Above its masthead is the symbol for the Allied Printing Trades Council, Fort Worth, Union Label. The editor was Rev. Harry Cassil, who was also the rector for the parish. Besides news about members of the congregation, other churches in the city, recognition of esteemed citizens of the city, there are essays of instruction for the reader concerning church history, doctrines and leadership issues. Throughout the publications are many advertisements for businesses in Fort Worth of that era. Volume 2 issues have architectural renderings for the proposed new church building for St. Andrew's Parish. In Vol.1, number 9, on page 15, there is a description of the building, its proposed location on these corner of Ninth and Lamar, and an attribution of the design to Louis Curtis(s), architect of the Tarrant County Courthouse, which was just completed as plans for the new church building were under way.

  1. November 1894, Volume One, Number Four
  2. April 1895, Volume One, Number Nine
  3. September 1895, Volume Two, Number Two
  4. December 1895, Volume Two, Number Five
  5. February 1896, Volume Two, Number Six
  • Letter explaining the source of the copies from donor to Tarrant County Archives