James Myrick Collection

Pioneers Rest Marker

Summary: Isaac Michael Darter was one of 10 siblings. His father was the early Fort Worth settler Francis M. Darter who came to Tarrant County from Alabama in the 1850's. He left for a while to live in Erath County, only to return to Tarrant County. Isaac Michael Darter studied medicine at the University of Louisville, returning to Fort Worth where he served as the city physician. He died in 1893 at the age of 42, leaving a widow and three small sons. He is buried at Pioneer's Rest Cemetery on Samuels Avenue in Fort Worth. His brothers and sisters married into other early Fort Worth families including the Ellis, Gambrell, Burton and Shirley families. All these families have members buried at Pioneer's Rest Cemetery. This booklet gives a detailed family tree to help researchers connect all the branches of the Darter family.

Booklet: A Brief History of Isaac Michael Darter, M.D. and Annie Mary Gorden Darter of Fort Worth, Texas by Michael I. Darter, Ph.D., P.E. A privately printed biography of author's grandparents, 2007, Chicago, Illinois