Rosemary Rimbey Collection

Summary: Harrison Herbert Morse came to Texas in April 1918 where he was to be assigned to Benbrook Field, also known as Carruthers Field. He remained there until late 1919 or early 1920, when he was given the responsibility of closing down the facility for the military. Deciding to remain in Fort Worth, he married and entered a lifelong career of real estate and property management. He worked for Modlin and Jackson in the 1920's, and later became the agent for the Winfield Scott Estate and the executor for the Elizabeth Scott Estate. The Scott properties at one time were the major landholder in downtown Fort Worth. They also owned vast ranch properties in Tarrant, Johnson and several other Texas counties. He was one of the founding members of Historic Fort Worth Inc. His letters are annotated with comments by his daughter, Rosie, and were edited by her daughter in law, Janet Haws Cooper.
  • Recollections of My Father by Rosie Rimbey. Self-published, 2004
  • Annotated letters of H. H. Morse to his sister Cora; annotations by donor