Arvin William Turner Collection

Summary: Arvin William (Bill) Turner was a Fort Worth scholar with a particular interest in the city's namesake, Major General William Jenkins Worth. He played an active role in renaming Main Street Plaza to General Worth Square. The collection reflects his dedication to ensuring that the legacy of General Worth lives on in the town that adopted his name.


  • Unveiling of painting of General William Jenkins Worth during Fort Worth Centennial Celebration, showing Robert Windfohr, Amon Carter, Web Maddox, and Sid Richardson, photo by W.D. Smith Commercial Photography, 1949
  • 18 snapshot photographs of Bill Turner, Ruby Schmidt, Mrs. Charles Peters, and employees of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History with General William Jenkins Worth memorabilia, including his uniform, field desk, saber and scabbard, and portraits, 1981-1983
  • Three snapshot photographs of Bill Turner, the Castleberry High School Choir, and Henry Stearns, at the General Worth monument in New York City, 1987
  • Three photographs of the Texas Historical Commission historical marker dedication, General Worth Square, 1989
  • Photograph of a portrait of General Worth, undated
Video Cassette
  • General Worth's Birthday at General Worth Square and various footage related to General Worth, 1981-1989

Arvin William Turner with portrait of General William Jenkins Worth, undated 

Pictured: Donor, Arvin William Turner, with portrait of General William Jenkins Worth, undated