Joseph G. Williams Collection

Summary: Donor gave a partners desk and two chairs from the Fort Worth office of Sanguinet and Staats. The donor is the great grandson of architect Marshall Robert Sanguinet (1859-1936). The partner's desk was handed down to the donor by his father, Frederick L. Williams, whose mother was Sanguinet's daughter, Nancy. The donor was told that Mr. Sanguinet and Mr. Staats sat across from each other and worked together at the desk.

Architect Marshall Robert Sanguinet moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1883 and had a profound influence on the architecture of the city. He formed a long-term partnership with Carl G. Staats and their firlm became known as Sanguinet and Staats. In 1922, Wyatt C. Hedrick joined their partnership until Sanguinet retired and sold his firm to Hedrick in 1926. Sanguinet was responsible for more than 1,800 buildings and his firm became known for their multistoried office building designs. Nearly every tall building constructed in Fort Worth before 1930 was designed by the firm. Prominent examples include the First National Bank building and the Neil P. Anderson building. In addition, Sanguinet helped form the Fort Worth Commercial Club and was a member of the local chapter of the Elks and Knights of Columbus. He also served as president of the Texas chapter of the American Institute of Architects.


  • Partner's desk and two chairs, mahogany, circa 1910

Sanguinet and Staats partner desk 

Sanguinet and Staats partner desk