Lallah Wright Collection

Lallah Wright, 1941

Pictured: Lallah Wright, 1941

Summary: Donor served as secretary to Senator Penrose B. Metcalfe of San Angelo, who introduced the resolution to amend the Constitution to require women to serve on juries. Wright donated two files pertaining to the Jury Service for Women Project by the Texas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. The following materials were compiled by Miss Lallah Wright and Judge Sarah T. Hughes.

  • File 1: A letter from Texas State Representative Lanny Hall to the Director of the Legislative Reference Library James Sanders containing the history of jury service for women. Also contains a copy of the amendment that requires women to serve on juries, newspaper clippings regarding the amendment and correspondence.
  • File 2: Correspondence with Judge Sarah T. Hughes, members of Business and Professional Women's Clubs in Texas and members of the Texas Legislature.