Collection Note

The Yearbooks Collection was created as a way to consolidate individual yearbooks that were donated by different individuals. These yearbooks were donated at various times in the history of the Archives, and as additional yearbooks are donated, they will be added to this collection.

This collection is not a full representation of yearbooks within the Tarrant County Archives. Yearbooks that were donated as part of a lrger collection should be listed on that collection's page. Utilize the Search Archives page to search for specific titles in other collections. (Very large collection do not have individual items listed on the website. If you are searching for a specific yearbook and do not find it, please email us at, and we will check our database.)


Scope and Contents

The Yearbooks Collection consists of yearbooks from all levels and types of schools across Tarrant County. This can include grade schools, vocational schools, universities, and the like. The date range for materials in this collection is 1898-1972.

  • The Lasso, yearbook, Fort Worth University, May 1898
  • The Yellow Jacket, W. C. Stripling High School, 1934
  • My School Days, Euless Elementary School, 1957 (photocopy)
  • Colt Corral, vol. 27, Arlington High School, 1972