Clinical Quality Management (CQM)

Our Priorities 

  • Assess the extent to which HIV health services provided to clients under HIV treatment and care funding are consistent with the most recent Public Health Services guidelines.
  • Develop strategies to ensure improvements in client access to and quality of HIV services.
  • Focus on enhancing the service delivery processes to improve client retention in care, reduce viral loads, and increase client satisfaction.
  • Raise awareness of — and capacity for — the Clinical Quality Management process of problem identification, baseline data measurement, root cause diagnosis, QI intervention, and post-intervention evaluation. 
  • Stratifying data with the use of the client-level data system Provide Enterprise®.

Clinical Quality Management Resources

Clinical Quality Management  Committee Agenda and Minutes

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Date Agenda Minutes Presentation
01/25/2022 1.25.22 Agenda 1.25.22 Minutes 1.25.22 Presentation
05/10/2022 5.10.22 Agenda 5.10.22 Minutes 5.10.22 Presentation
11/03/2022 11.3.22 Agenda 11.3.22 Minutes 11.3.22 Presentation
02/22/2023 2.22.23 Agenda 2.22.23 Minutes 2.22.23 Presentation
06/29/2023 6.29.23 Agenda 6.29.23 Minutes 6.29.23 Presentation
10/03/2023 10.3.23 Agenda 10.3.23 Minutes 10.3.23 Presentation


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