HIV/AIDS Education and Support Groups

Support Groups

Preventive Medicine Clinic

B+HIVe: B Positive HIV Engagement Women's Support Group

Virtual Meeting Held First and Third Wednesdays of the Month: 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Description: A group for women that help build a positive support network and act as a sounding board for topics such as: acceptance, HIV education, living with HIV, risk reduction, safe sex, taking ownership of healthcare and more. Come and participate to gain hope, reduce stress and increase self-understanding. The B+HIVe meets virtually every first and third Wednesday of the month. For more information, call 817-321-4998.


The U.S. Department of State and Health Services

The website offers many educational resources such as:

Additionally, the website contains information about testing locations, federal resources, national strategies, and more. 

Greater Than Aids

Greater Than AIDS offers informative YouTube videos, infographics, and talking points for discussion between you and your family and friends. To learn more, visit the Greater Than AIDS website.

They offer tools, news and resources such as:

  • We Are Family: We Are Family emphasizes the important role loved ones play in the health and well-being of people living with HIV. Whether it’s the one you are born into or the one you create, family matters. People with HIV who have strong support systems are more likely to get and stay in care and treatment, which both improves health outcomes and reduces the spread of the disease.
  • I Got Tested: I Got Tested normalizes and promotes HIV testing as a part of routine health care and reinforces the importance of maintaining care and treatment for those who are living with HIV. Early diagnosis and treatment is known to improve health, extend life AND help prevent the spread of HIV.
  • Speak Out: Speak Out engages the LGBTQ community in confronting the silence and stigma that still too often surrounds HIV/AIDS. Gay and bisexual men and transgender women account for most new HIV infections in the U.S. Speak Out promotes more open communication in relationships with health care providers and within the community.
  • Empowered: Empowered highlights the power of ALL women to change the course of the disease. As mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, partners AND people living with HIV, women can make a difference through everyday actions.
  • Health Coverage, HIV and You: Health Coverage, HIV and YOU helps people living with HIV understand their options under the Affordable Care Act. The online tool includes tailored resources for people living with HIV, who are among those who may make the greatest gains from the new law.