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The County Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of the County.  Additionally, by constitutional amendment, the office of County Treasurer was abolished and the duties transferred to the County Auditor in 1983. The County Auditor is an appointed position with a term of two years starting in April of even years.  The County Auditor is appointed by a board of District Judges. The responsibilities of the County Auditor include:

  • Financial accounting and reporting the results of operations to the Commissioners Court and the District Judges of Tarrant County
  • Developing and implementing cash management programs and investing idle funds
  • General audit oversight of the books and records maintained by the elected and appointed officials of the County
  • Processing vendor payments and payroll
  • Financial advice to Commissioners Court, when requested

Tarrant County Auditor's Office
100 E Weatherford, Room 506
Fort Worth, Texas 76196

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 817-884-1205

Fax: 817-884-1104

County Auditor

Kimberly M. Buchanan, CPA

Kimberly M. Buchanan was appointed as the Tarrant County Auditor in May 2023.  Prior to May, she served as the First Assistant Auditor.  Before being employed by the Tarrant County Auditor’s Office in August of 2015, she worked for Loudon County, VA.  She also served as the Assistant Director of Audit Services at DF/W International Airport for five years of her 13-year tenure.

The Tarrant County Auditor’s office is currently staffed with 66 full-time employees.


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