Illegal Dumping

No community in North Texas is immune from the problem of illegal dumping. It seems that in some neighborhoods, the problem has gotten worse instead of better. Illegal Dumping is trash disposed of in unauthorized locations.

Illegal dumping can cause public health and safety concerns. Children playing around dangerous metals, broken glass or used tires can hurt themselves and unwanted pests such as rodents and insects can inhabit dump sites.

Working Together
By working together, communities and law enforcement can win the war on Illegal Dumping. There are strict laws on the books with heavy penalties for those who violate sections 364 and 365 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

What You Can Do
Law enforcement needs your help to win the war on Illegal Dumping. Here are some things you can do now:

  • Always dispose of your own litter properly.
  • Do not transport unsecured debris in the back of a vehicle.
  • If you see someone dump trash illegally, please get the license plate number of the vehicle, location of the violation and description of the persons involved in the crime. Fill out the illegal dumping report and send it to us.

Contact Tarrant County Sheriff's Office and/or contact our office at 817-370-4510.