Writ of Possession

When a Writ of Possession has been placed in the hands of the Precinct 6 Constable, the following procedures will apply:

  1. The deputy assigned to the writ will place a 24-hour notice to vacate on the front door of the property (RED TAG).
  2. The deputy will then contact the Plaintiff/Property Manager to schedule a day and time to conduct the move out.
  3. Plaintiff/Property Manager will provide a minimum of FOUR people and the proper materials to conduct the move out (TRASH BAGS, BOXES AND LOCKS). ** AFTER TWO HOURS, A FEE OF $50 PER HOUR PER DEPUTY WILL BE CHARGED **
  4. The defendant’s personal property will be removed from the rental unit and placed at a nearby location (NOT BLOCKING A SIDEWALK OR ROADWAY).
  5. The Plaintiff/Property Manager will place new locks or rekey the locks before the deputy can depart the address.
  6. No writ will be worked in inclement weather (RAIN, SLEET OR SNOW).
  7. Failure to show on the date and time schedule and not contacting the Constable’s Office will result in the writ being returned to the Court as FAILURE TO PERFORM.