Few of you will go through life without calling our office for copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses, deeds to homes and other property as well as oil and gas lease records, death certificates, powers of attorney, passport applications and a multitude of other personal and business documents.

Beyond recording life’s major events and transactions in Texas’ third most populous county, we provide administrative support for 15 courts, maintaining records for criminal and civil cases as well as files for probated estates.

As the county’s second largest source of funds, we collect more than $24 million in fines and fees and manage over $17 million in cash bonds as well as funds for minors and guardianships.

As a measure of efficiency, 41 cities, including Fort Worth, have turned over their vital records to the County Clerk to save taxpayer money. Keeping costs in check is the constant challenge of safeguarding millions of documents and adding a half million more every year.

Advancing technology, employee teamwork and professional management are the keys to improving quality and service.

Tarrant County is proud to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Texas, and the County Clerk’s office will continue to strive to deliver the customer service you deserve. You can let us know how our office is doing by visiting our feedback page.