Civil Courts

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The County Clerk’s Office is aware of a phone scam where individuals are being told they are being sued and owe money. Our offices will NEVER call to discuss pending court cases. Our Criminal Department will call to discuss payment of fines and fees on disposed Class A and B misdemeanor cases. You may call our Civil Department at 817-884-1101 or use our “Live Chat” option on our webpage to check for a pending case.


As clerk of the three County Courts at Law, the County Clerk is responsible for the intake, processing and maintenance of civil cases with a jurisdictional limit up to $250,000; including debt, breach of contract, garnishments, temporary restraining orders, injunctions, automotive/personal injury cases and eminent domain cases, as well as related post-judgment actions.


As clerk of the two Probate Courts, the County Clerk processes and maintains cases for probated estates, incapacitated persons (guardianships), mental health cases, wills, processes court-ordered delayed birth and death certificates and is custodian of funds held on behalf of minors.