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The Law Library is open for in-person services. When visiting in person:

  • The public computers are available on a "first come, first served" basis. Computers may have limited availability due to demand.
  • Self-service copiers are available. Additional information is provided below about our self-service copies and payment methods.
  • There is additional seating at carrels around the windows.
  • Please note: The Law Library's hours have changed. We are now open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding county holidays.

The following online e-resources remain available to our patrons not able to visit in person.

  • LexisNexis Digital Library (eBooks) contains Dorsaneo’s Texas Litigation Guide, Texas Family Law Practice and Procedures, Search and Seizure and other valuable legal resources.
    • LexisNexis Digital Library is available to Tarrant County Law Library patrons and can be accessed remotely via any internet-connected device. Patrons can check out 3 eBooks at a time for up to 7 days.
    • Note: Accounts Holders will ONLY have access to the LexisNexis Digital collection. Accounts left inactive for longer than six months will be removed.
    • To request an eBooks account, please complete the eBooks Registration.
  • Westlaw provides a free 7-day trial of Westlaw Edge directly (not through the Law Library)
    • Content includes primary law, secondary sources, litigation, and Practical Law on Westlaw Edge.
    • Individuals creating a trial account need to use an e-mail that has never been associated with a Thomson Reuters product.
    • In order to setup a temporary account with them, visit Thomson Reuters Westlaw.

Please contact the Dell DeHay Law Library of Tarrant County for further assistance.


Services and Policies

DecorativeReference Services

Law Library staff is available to help patrons locate and use library resources.  Law Library staff cannot give legal advice or do anything which might constitute the unauthorized practice of law. For additional information, please follow the link to learn about Legal Information vs. Legal Advice.


Law Library staff may assist patrons in finding the materials they need to do their own research.  The staff may not interpret legal materials or advise patrons regarding their legal rights. The staff may not select legal forms for patrons or assist in filling out legal forms. The staff may help patrons develop search strategies, locate and use materials available in the library and online and refer patrons to other agencies or organizations for assistance.


DecorativeSelf-Service Copies

The Law Library has two self-service copiers. Photocopies are 20 cents per copy. The copiers will accept silver change, $1 bills, or copycards. Copycards may be purchased from the Law Library.

The Law Library does not offer fax or scanning services.


Virtual Court Kiosk

The virtual court kiosk is a computer station where you can attend virtual court or find legal help. Access to the kiosk is first come, first served. To schedule, contact the Law Library.

Kiosk Information - English 

Kiosk Information - Spanish


Payment Methods

The Law Library accepts payment in the form of cash (no bills larger than $20) and credit/debit card. Please be advised, there will be a convenience fee added to credit/debit card payments.



To view a PDF list of all library policies, follow the Law Library Policies link.


Internet Access

The Law Library has computer workstations with Internet access.  The primary purpose of these computers is to do legal research. Searching is free; printing is 25 cents per page.

Public Access Legal Research Subscriptions

The Law Library has public access subscriptions to Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and HeinOnline. Searching is free; printing is 25 cents per page.


Checkout Policy

The Law Library collection is non-circulating. Items in the library may not be checked out.

Accessibility Notice: Due to the nature of the original material, linked PDF files are made up of scanned images. If you need assistance accessing the content, please contact the Law Library at 817-884-1481 or


The content of this website is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.


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