Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Where is the Court located?

County Criminal Court 9 is located on the 8th floor of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center, at 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas.

2.       What cases are handled in County Criminal Court 9?

County Criminal Court 9 handles adult Class A and Class B misdemeanor cases that are alleged to have occurred within Tarrant County, Texas.

3.       How long do trials take?

Misdemeanor trials generally take no more than two calendar days.

4.       What is probation?

Probation is when a Defendant’s sentence is suspended and the Defendant is monitored by a supervision officer, and is ordered to complete a series of conditions. After a specified term of probation, the Defendant can be discharged, or if there is a violation to have alleged to have occurred, the Defendant could face the penalty of a term of incarceration. The Probation department is now called the community Supervision and Corrections Department.

5.       How do I find out the date and time of my court appearance?

Please contact your Attorney or Bondsman to confirm your court appearance. Also, you may contact the Court Coordinator, Tiffany Kapelowitz, at (817) 884-3413.

6.       My case is set on the docket, do I have to attend?

Yes, other than for an Initial Appearance, as outlined above, or for an Evidence Exchange setting, as herein described.

7.       I arrived for my court setting on time, but my lawyer isn’t here yet… Do I still have to wait?

Yes. Attorneys routinely have many settings in the Courthouse, and they are generally all scheduled at the same time.  Defendants should please wait patiently for their Attorney to arrive; leaving court prematurely, before being excused by the Court or by the Attorney could result in a return court appearance or, possibly, a warrant being issued.

8.       Where do I pay my court costs and fees?

You may pay your court costs and fees at the cashier on the Lower Plaza level of the Tim Curry Justice Center, at 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas. Alternatively, if a Defendant requires a payment plan for the court costs and fees, such may be arranged on the 2nd floor of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center, in the Judicial Compliance Office.

9.       Why do I have bond conditions when I haven’t been convicted of anything?

The Court is tasked with the responsibility of taking steps to protect the safety of the community, and in that regard, has discretion in setting reasonable bond conditions.  There are some circumstances where a specific bond condition is required under the law.  These conditions are tied solely to the nature of the alleged offense, and are in no way reflective of a Defendant being found guilty or not guilty. Failure to comply with court-ordered bond conditions can result in a sanction, including additional conditions or an insufficient bond being issued in the case.

10.   How can I get a copy of my court documents?

Please contact the Tarrant County Clerk at (817) 884-1066.

11.   How can I get a copy of a transcript of proceedings?

Pursuant to the Rules regarding the preparation of the Reporter’s record, the request must be in writing to the Reporter and designate the portions to be included in the record. Please mail written requests to County Criminal Court 9, Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center, ATTN: Janessa Thornell, 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas 76196.  The cost of the Reporter’s record varies.

12.   Can I contact the Judge directly?

No, please do not contact the Judge directly. Any inquiries concerning Motions or other Court business should be directed to the Court Coordinator. Judges are prohibited from communicating about cases with Defendants or their Attorneys unless both sides are present. The Judge will not correspond with Defendants on the telephone. Emails to the Judge will not be acknowledged or read unless requested by and/or expected by the Judge.