Trial Procedures


1.    Please be on time for trial. If there is an emergency or if you are delayed, please email or call the Court Coordinator.

2.    Please make brief objections on legal grounds.

3.    Please refrain from talking over opposing counsel, a witness, or the Court. This ensures an accurate record is made.

4.    Please pre-mark all exhibits prior to trial.

5 .    All pretrial motions, other than a dispositive Motion to Suppress, will  be heard the day of trial and/or will run with trial.

6.    Each side gets one (1) free continuance. Subsequent Motions fort Continuance are considered on a case-by-case basis.

7.     Motions for Continuance filed or presented the day of trial will generally be denied.

8.    Parties may move about freely in the courtroom well as needed, without first having permission to approach the witness, etc.


1.     If the Defendant is in custody, it is the Attorney’s responsibility to have the Defendant dressed out in appropriate clothing.

2.     Defendants should wait, if not in the courtroom, in the opposite hallway, away from potential jurors.

3.     Defendants should dress appropriately for trial.


1.     Each side gets up to 30 minutes to conduct their jury selection. Parties can receive additional time as needed to address unique case-relevant               issues.

2.     Challenges for cause will be made after the completion of voir dire.

3.     Please have all digital presentation materials ready to use, with the appropriate media player. The Court does provide a Maverick digital screen         for the parties.