Referrals are accepted from a variety of sources, including Justice Involved Veterans (JIVs), law enforcement, jail staff, judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, mental health agencies and family or friends.  The applicant's attorney must approve submission of application.

Intake Process -

  • Once a referral is received, the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) office reviews it to ensure the minimum criterium are met.
  • Following VTC review, eligible applications along with verification of military service and mental health records are submitted to the Criminal District Attorney's Office for Preliminary Approval/Denial. 
  • If given Preliminary Approval, applicants are scheduled for the VTC Orientation where they will learn program requirements and expectations as well as meet the VTC staff.   
  • Applicants who volunteer to proceed with their VTC application after attending the VTC Orientation will be scheduled for a comprehensive mental health evaluation with the VTC Mental Health Evaluator.
  • Upon receipt of the mental health evaluation, a final summary and recommendation is completed by the program manager and submitted to the Criminal District's Attorney's office for Final Approval/Denial.
  • If given Final Approval, applicants are scheduled for admission into the VTC where they will be required to enter a Plea of Guilty.
  • The applicant's defense attorney and court of origin receives notice when applications are received, when applications are approved or denied and again when participants are discharged from the VTC.

***Criminal District Attorney Approval - All applications seeking a dismissal are reviewed by the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's office. ***