HAP Payments

Property owners who provide housing for individuals and families under the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program are required to enter into a contract with Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office (TCHAO).

TCHAO makes monthly payments to the owner on behalf of the family at the beginning of each month. The total of the rent paid by the tenant to the owner plus the HAP payment from TCHAO is equal to the rent specified in the lease. The family is not responsible for payment of the HAP and TCHAO is not responsible for payment of the family's share of the rent.

The family's share of rent cannot be more than the difference between the total rent and the HAP payment. Owners may not demand or accept any rent payment from tenants in excess of this maximum, nor can an owner charge tenants extra amounts for items customarily included in rent in the locality where the unit is located.

TCHAO must continue making HAP payments to the owner in accordance with the HAP contract as long as the tenant continues to occupy the unit and the HAP contract is not violated.

HAP payments will end when the HAP contract terminates or the tenancy is terminated in accordance with the terms of the lease.

The owner must inform TCHAO at the same time the owner initiates eviction proceedings against any family, and when a court judgment or other process is served allowing the owner to evict the tenant, along with a copy of any such judgment, order or determination. TCHAO continues to make HAP payments to the owner until the family actually moves from the unit or until the family is physically evicted, whichever comes first.

The owner is required to notify TCHAO of the date the family actually moves from the unit or is physically evicted.