Frequently Asked Questions

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Question Answer
When is my court date?
You should receive a letter from the Office of the Attorney General or Domestic Relations Office with the court date or served with a show cause that has the date.
What if I need a translator? Please contact the Court Coordinator.
Where do I park?  There is metered parking on the streets around the courthouse or you may park in the parking garage.
Do I need an attorney?  

That is up to you.  The Office of the Attorney General and/or Domestic Relations Office does not represent either party, and therefore you must decide how you need to proceed to protect your interests and the interests of your child.

Will the Judge hear my case today? This depends on the type of case and what needs to be heard.  You have the right to ask to see the Judge.
What do I need to bring to court?    Income documentation, health insurance information and any other information that is important to your case.
Can I bring my children?   NO.
What if I need to reset my case?  Call whichever OAG or DRO office that is handling your case.
What if I want to close my case?  You need to contact the office that handles your case to see if it can be closed.   The court cannot close your case.
When I call the Office of the Attorney General, I cannot get through to anyone?  We are not part of the Office of the Attorney General; we cannot help you with this.

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