Policies and Procedures

What to expect in Title IV-D Court in Tarrant County


1.       There are two IV-D Courts in the Family Law Center

IV-D Court One is presided over by Judge Casey Conine.   IV-D Court Two is presided over by Judge Cherami J. Blaney Jenkins.  Both courts and their respective waiting rooms are on the first floor of the Tarrant County Family Law Center.


2.       Proceed to the correct waiting room and check in.

Each waiting room will have a counter where you will be asked to check-in and possibly fill out paperwork. If you have an attorney, follow his or her advice about all these matters.   Cell phone reception is very bad in the Family Law Center so be sure to communicate with your attorney prior to the hearing date.  If you and the other parent do not get along, do not sit near or antagonize them.


3.       The sign that says "You May Be Here All Day" is correct.

In other words, do not ask "How long is this going to take?" because honestly, no one knows. Several factors are at play: are all parties here, are all attorneys here, how many people are in line in front of you, etc.? All these factors can mean that you may not be seen prior to lunch. If you are scheduled to be at the IV-D court, you may be there for one hour or you may be there for seven. It is unpredictable, so try to not have any important engagements on the same day as your IV-D hearing.


4.       Remember that you are coming to Court.

Please dress appropriately!  Do not wear shorts, tank tops or other revealing clothing.  If you are not dressed properly, you will be asked to change prior to entering the courtroom.   

DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO COURT.  There are no activities or play areas for children.  You will be bored if you have to wait and so will they.  Bringing a child will not get your case heard first and only the child suffers.  If your case is of a type that the child may be a witness or interviewed by the judge, the judge (and only the judge) will reset the case with specific instructions on when to bring the child to court.


5.       The attorneys for the Office of the Attorney General and/or Domestic Relations Office DO NOT represent you.

If you feel that you need to hire an attorney to represent your interests, then please do so.  You can ask the Court for time to hire an attorney and a brief continuance may be granted.  If you are not happy with what has happened during your negotiation conference, then ask for a hearing.  You have the right to appear before the judge.



The family law courts in Tarrant County will close if Fort Worth ISD is closed due to inclement weather; this does include the IV-D (Child Support) Courts.



Do not attempt to directly contact a judge - by mail, e-mail, phone or in person - about any pending or potential lawsuit! Doing so may result in serious consequences.



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