Contacting the Jury Room

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Questions Answers
I'm trying to call the jury room and have been on hold for a long time. How can I get through to speak to someone? Do not stay on hold, please leave a message.  Jury Services is a very small department.  Generally, we only have -- at most -- four assistant bailiffs answering the phones.  Most phone calls are returned the same business day.  It may be helpful to make sure you have read your entire summons.  Most questions can be answered by reviewing the information listed on the summons.  You cannot be excused over the phone.  You may use the online system to request exemptions, disqualifications or to defer your original summons date.  Or, you can email the jury room at
Why is it so difficult to reach someone in the Jury Room? Jury Services only has six full-time employees to handle approximately 6,000 summons that are mailed out weekly.  Each morning, it takes at least four employees to empanel the daily reporting jurors to the courts. The other employees dismiss jurors that are released from the courts, answer incoming phone calls, return phone messages, answer emails and approve or deny exemptions and disqualifications submitted through the mail, fax or online.