Using the online system

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Questions Answers
Can I use the online system to reschedule my summons to a new date? Yes, after completing the qualification questionnaire, use the tabs across the top of the page to select defer to delay your original summons date.
Do I have to complete the questions on the front side of the summons if I used the online system? Yes, everyone needs to complete the juror information form on the front of the summons and bring that with them.  That form will be taken up by the bailiff in the courtroom.
I requested to be excused online and it was denied. Is there a way to appeal that decision? You can reply to the email you received to make sure we understood what you were trying claim as the excuse.  Sometimes, there is not enough room to clarify each situation.  Also, it is a good idea to read back over your questionnaire.  Many times, the questionnaire is not completed with the appropriate information.
I used the online system and received a court assignment. However, the email has a different time to report than the summons. You will follow all the instructions in the email.  Report directly to the court at the time listed in the email.  The email allows you to bypass the jury room until dismissal.
If I defer my service, can I use the online system with the new summons? Yes, your new summons will be mailed out two weeks before your new date. You will have to complete another qualification questionnaire to verify you are still qualified to serve.
If I make a request using eResponse, the online system, when can I expect an answer? If you make an online request or send an email after 5 p.m. or on the weekends, we will do our best to have it reviewed the next business day. Tarrant County Jury Services is open from 8 a.m. -5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and observes all County holidays.
If I receive an online assignment, do I still need to report to the jury room before going to the court listed in my email?

No, you will report directly to the court at the time listed in the email.  Jurors receiving online assignments will only come to the jury room when they are dismissed by the court.

If I use the online system, am I guaranteed a court assignment?

No, you are not guaranteed an assignment.  When using the online system, one of three things could happen.  You could:

  1. Receive a court assignment by email. Complete the online court questionnaire and report directly to the court as instructed in the email. 
  2. Receive email that we have completed all assignments and your attendance is not necessary therefore, your service is complete.
  3. Receive email to report to the jury room. Unfortunately, there are times in which we do not have enough jurors using eResponse to fulfill all the online assignments. Or, some courts are not able to order their jurors in advance with enough time for us to utilize the online system.  In those cases, we have all jurors report to the jury room to make the assignments from the room.
If I use the online system, how many forms will I fill out? When using the online system, you have to complete the qualification questionnaire to make sure you meet the qualifications to serve.  Then, if you are assigned to a court, you would complete the questionnaire that is emailed to you as well as the juror information card on your summons.  If you report in person, you don't complete a qualification questionnaire because the qualifications are addressed to everyone in the room by the Jury Bailiff.  If you report in person, you have to sit through that process before moving on to the court assignments where you may have to complete a court questionnaire as well.
If I use the online system, what date will I report? If you receive a court assignment online, your reporting date, time and place may change. Your email will direct you to the court location along with the date and time designated by the judge of the court.
If I use the online system, why am I required to complete a questionnaire if I'm trying to reschedule or be excused? The questionnaire verifies that you are qualified to serve.  There is no need to reschedule your service if you are not eligible to serve.
My email has a different building listed than what is on the summons. Where do I go? You will report to the location listed in the email.  Not all of our courts are located in one building or in the downtown area.  Therefore, the email will have the full address of the court and you would report directly to that court.
Should I continue checking my emails even after I receive a court assignment? Yes, even on the day of your assignment.  If a court has a cancellation or a change, we will email that information as soon as we receive it from the court.
What is the benefit of using the online system? The qualification questionnaire verifies that each juror meets the legal requirements to serve and addresses the legal reasons to be excused.  Using the online system for those requests means the jurors do not have to report in person.  For jurors that get an online assignment, the court questionnaire that is completed online is sent to the court which allows the attorneys more time to review the information.  For jurors reporting in person, some courts will have the juror complete the questionnaire on their summons date and report to the court on the next business day to allow the attorney's time to review those questionnaires as well.  Basically, the online system is just faster.  In most cases, it allows you to bypass the central jury room for impaneling.