(Occupations code chapter 2308.456) An owner or operator of a vehicle that has been removed and placed in a vehicle storage facility or booted without the consent of the owner or operator of the vehicle is entitled to a hearing, if the owner/operator files with the court, a written request for the hearing, before the 14th day after the vehicle was removed/booted. In computing time under this subsection, Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays are excluded. A hearing under this chapter shall be in the Justice Court in the County in which the vehicle was towed/booted.

The hearing shall be held in any justice court in:

  • the county from which the motor vehicle was towed; or
  • for booted vehicles, the county in which the parking facility is located.
  • the hearing must be requested within 14 business days of the towing or booting, or your hearing right is waived. For more information, review the Occupations Code § 2308.454.

Note: A person who failed to deliver a request in accordance with the Occupations Code, Section 2308.456 (a) waives the right to a hearing. All persons should consult the Texas Occupations Code Chapter 2308 for complete information.


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  1. File with Justice Court 1
    • $54 filing fee


  1.  Tow and Booted Form
  2. Important Information Regarding Exhibits
    • You MUST include with your filing any copies of receipts or notifications that the owner or operator received from the towing company or the vehicle storage facility.


Note: Cases filed with a Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs cannot be filed            using "Guide and File." These cases MUST be filed through EFileTexas.

              -For more information on filing online, please visit E-File.

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