Increase in Filing Fees

Please be advised that on January 1, 2022, in accordance with S.B. 41, the filing fee for Justice Court civil suits will increase from $46.00 to $54.00. In addition to the increased filing fee, motions for new trials and appeals will now require this filing fee to be paid at the time of filing. For further information, you may contact the Court.


Electronic Communication By the Court

Please be advised that Effective August 1, 2021, All communications from litigants to the Court and the Court to litigants will be conducted electronically using E-File Texas (preferred), email or fax. Be aware; all notices, copies, judgments, and other documents sent by the Court to litigants will come from the Email address.

Click here to read the Notice Regarding Electronic Communication

Click here to read the Electronic Communication local rule  


Recording of any kind prohibited

Effective Monday, March 15, 2021, Recording, Taping, and Photographing by any means is Strictly Prohibited by any party participating in Court Proceedings remotely or in person.

Click here to read the Local Rule: Non-Recording of Court Proceedings and Staff Communication