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Judge Sergio L. De Leon is currently the Tarrant County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 5. He served as Tarrant County Constable for Precinct 5 from 2001-2012.

Judge De Leon with Constable Dub Brandsom and Mayor Betsy Price

Above: Judge De Leon with Constable Dub Brandsom and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price.

Judge DeLeon has passion for public service and deep sense of community and believed that if he disagreed with something then he should serve the change agent that brings about positive results in his neighborhood.

He decided to run for a couple of reasons. One, he always have an interest in law enforcement and public service and the Office of Constable was a position where he could serve the community in a law enforcement capacity.  Two, he felt the Office of Constable was being under-served and there were many needs in the Precinct 5 community that the office could address, but were not.


When he was sworn into office, all that changed. He is pleased to say that his vision of creating a professional law enforcement agency that served both the courts and community became a working reality. High crime, truancy and illegal dumping plagued the inner city of Fort Worth and there was disconnect between the office and the citizens of our precinct.   Therefore, as constable, he quickly marked constable cruisers and placed deputy constable in uniforms which increased law enforement visibility and served as a deterrent to crime as deputy constable went about the business of serving civil process in the precinct.

Judge De Leon with Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks

Above: Judge De Leon with Comissioner Roy Charles Brooks.

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