Detention Services

Tarrant County Juvenile Services operates the Lynn W. Ross Juvenile Detention Center, which is a 24-hour secure facility for the temporary detention of juveniles who are pending court disposition for alleged law violations or violation of conditions of probation. The center provides supervision, activities and individual as well as group counseling that benefit juveniles during their stay. Every juvenile is screened for identification of emotional and mental health concerns. Basic health care screening is also provided through an on-site medical clinic.

All juveniles admitted to detention receive educational, medical, mental health, recreational and life skills training. All youth receive a thorough orientation of the detention center rules and regulations. All youth receive academic programming provided through the Fort Worth Independent School District, including special educational services. School records are forwarded to the school where the youth will be attending once he/she is released from the detention center.

Every juvenile has opportunities to visit with immediate family members for 30 minutes a day and may have a daily five-minute telephone call with a parent or legal guardian. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to contact the Facility Administrator at 817-838-4610 with any special needs or concerns.

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