The Tarrant County Public Health Disease Surveillance, Outreach and Prevention team.

Disease Surveillance, Outreach and Prevention

The Disease Surveillance, Outreach and Prevention (DSOP) program provides surveillance, reporting and investigations of sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDs and incidents of tuberculosis, along with targeted education, testing and referral for treatment for individuals affected by these diseases.


A team effort

The DSOP team consists of disease intervention specialists, community service aids, community educators, social workers, congenital syphilis specialists, and representatives of other programs (Disease Surveillance, Social Determinates of Health, Ending the HIV Epidemic, Rethink Positive, Project HIP and Data to Care).

The team is also the only team working directly with the only tuberculosis clinic in Tarrant County.


Mobile testing operations

The DSOP team can set up testing sites at one or more locations, allowing the department to go to county areas where no current clinics are available and/or the clients have limited transportation options.


HIV Prevalence in Tarrant County

AIDSVu is a website that tracks the prevalence of people living with HIV in Tarrant County and elsewhere.