Question 11: What does "Registration Purposes Only" mean?

What does "Registration Purposes Only" mean?

"Registration Purposes Only", often referred to as "RPO", means that the vehicle is registered but not titled in Texas.This type of ownership document may be requested when a vehicle that was registered or titled in another state is subject to registration in Texas and the owner or operator cannot/does not wish to surrender the negotiable out-of-state evidence of ownership to obtain a Texas negotiable title. Registration may be purchased although there is no Texas title issued.

This is what we need to create the RPO record on your vehicle if it has never been registered and/or titled in Texas before:

    1.    Original or copy of your out of state title or last year's registration.  Please note:  If you do not have the title or last registration, or the lienholder (bank, credit union, finance co., etc.) has possession of your title, you should request a copy of the front and back of your title from your financial institution.   Email us at if your lienholder needs additional information from our office to release the title or copy of the title.

     2.    Vehicle safety inspection completed in the last 90 days.  These services are available at a state-approved Safety Inspection Station. The inspection facility will provide you with a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), which you must provide to us with your application for Texas registration.  

    3.    If your vehicle has never been titled or registered in a foreign country, you will be unable to apply for an RPO. You must make application for Texas title.

    4.    Acceptable form of ID.

    5.    Proof of liability insurance. Your auto or motorcycle insurance must meet Texas liability minimums, which are 30-60-25. 

    6.    Form VTR-130U (Application for Texas title), which can be found in the Most Requested Forms list on the TxDMV website. Check the “Registration Purposes Only” box at the top of the form and complete all other sections as applicable.

    7.    HS-7 or other approved document from U.S. Customs, if the vehicle was last registered outside of the United States or its territories. There are limitations on registering a vehicle from a foreign country without titling it.  We can assist you in making this determination. Email us at with your questions or call us at 817-884-1100.  Also visit the TxDMV website to learn more.

   8.    Form 68-A, completed by Auto Theft Task Force, if the vehicle was last registered outside of the United States or its territories. Please note the exemption of this form for active duty military.

   9.   Registration and Title Fees.

If you have titled your vehicle in Texas before, but moved out of state and never transferred the title in another state or foreign country, you will need an acceptable form of ID, proof of insurance, and the registration fees.  Click the “Fees” tab on the Register Your Vehicle page of the TxDMV website to determine your fees.  Email us at or call us at 817-884-1100 if you need assistance with the fees or have questions about the required documents. The fee for a replacement license plate and/or sticker is $6.50.

RPO paperwork including supporting documentation and fees can be mailed to Tarrant County Tax Office, 100 E. Weatherford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76196.  We accept checks/money orders/cashier’s checks made payable to Wendy Burgess, Tax Assessor-Collector.  No cash or credit card information please. The sticker and plates are mailed to you. Please allow 3 weeks for processing and mail time.

The mailing address is:

Tarrant County Tax Office

100 E. Weatherford Street

Fort Worth, TX  76196