Illegal Dumping

If you SEE it, please REPORT it. Illegal dumping in Tarrant County is a serious problem. Only with the help of all the citizens of Tarrant County can this problem be solved.

The following list is the most common types of illegal dumping in Tarrant County:

  • Throwing litter out of a car, truck or boat (Did you know that about half of the litter on roadsides flies out of the back of pickup trucks and that throwing trash in the bed of your pickup is the same as throwing it out the window?);
  • Dumping household trash, construction debris or yard waste on land that is not a legal landfill;
  • Disposing of old cars by rolling them into stream, creeks or rivers;
  • Hauling trash for profit and dumping it on land that is not a legal landfill;
  • Dumping household trash in someone's dumpster without authorization; and
  • Letting an individual or business dump waste on your property, whether they pay you or not.

To report illegal dumping in any location in Tarrant County, please call 1-888-335-DUMP. The information will be collected and forwarded to the correct enforcement agency for that specific illegal dumping area. To report illegal dumping in the unincorporated areas of Tarrant County, please call 817-740-4300 and ask for an officer in the Sheriff's Environmental Enforcement Division.

Report Illegal Dumping

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