Transportation Data

The planning and engineering divisions of Transportation Services work in concert to collect important vehicular data to assist with traffic management decisions and long-term planning. The following data sets are prepared by County staff:

Traffic Counts

Biennially, 24-hour traffic counts are collected on most County-maintained roadways. This effort spans a period of several months, typically in the Spring or Fall timeframe.

Vehicle Accidents

Accident data pertaining to vehicular accidents on County-maintained roadways is provided by the Tarrant County Sheriffs Department. This data set is updated regularly and provides general information regarding traffic accidents. Requests for specific information of a legal nature should be directed the Sheriff's Department at 817-884-3700.

Speed Data

As part of the traffic count data collection process, observed speeds of motorists driving on County-maintained roads are collected. This information is used in conjunction with a variety of additional engineering factors to determine an appropriate speed limit posting.

Please contact Anne Mackey, GIS Analyst, 817-884-2604 if you have questions regarding County transportation data.