Non-Service-Connected Pension (NSCP)

The VA Non-Service-Connected Pension is a needs-based program aimed at providing financial assistance to low income, permanently and totally disabled wartime veterans.

A. Who Is Eligible?

You may be eligible if:

  • You were discharged from service under Honorable conditions or, General Under Honorable Conditions, AND
  • For veterans who entered active duty BEFORE September 7, 1980, you must have served 90 days or more of active duty with at least one day being during a period of war you didn't have to be in combat, just have been in the service at least one day during a period of war. NOTE: Veterans who entered active duty AFTER September 7, 1980, must have served at least 24 months of active duty service. If the total length of service is less than 24 months, the veteran must have completed their entire tour of active duty, AND
  • Your countable income is below a certain amount determined by Congress yearly, AND
  • You meet the net worth limitations, AND
  • You are age 65 or older, OR, you have a permanent and total non-service connected disability, OR, you are patient in a nursing home, OR you are receiving Social Security disability benefits.

B. How Much Does VA Pay?

The amount VA pays depends on a number of factors such as your combined yearly income, the severity of your current health status, your marital/dependent status, etc.  Contact the VA at 1-800-827-1000 to find out the current rates of pay for your situation as the rates change yearly.

C. How Can You Apply?

As there are many factors that go into filing a proper Non-Service-Connected Pension claim,  we recommend that you contact our office at 817-531-5645 for assistance in filing a Non-Service-Connected Pension claim.  We have trained staff that will assist you with the complete process, free of charge.